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Donald Duck is Mickey Mouse's best friend and a very popular Disney character. He is a crazy duck who is not as bright as Mickey. He is a funny cartoon character who has been voiced by Clarence Nash and Tony Aslemo.


Donald Duck


Donald is at the same height as Mickey Mouse. He has a blue sailor hat on his head which he usually wears. He has a blue shirt with a red bow tie and two yellow feet.


Donald is not as bright as Mickey. He is usually crazy, mean, and cranky sometimes. But he is also kind, funny, and silly. His two main personalities are crazy and kind, which are usually shown in some cartoons.

In Kingdom HeartsEdit

Donald appears in the Kingdom Hearts series along with Goofy. The two fight alongside Sora in Kingdom Hearts, CoM, and II. He specializes in long range magic attacks as well as recovery magic. His weapon is a mage's staff.


Kingdom Hearts 2 onwards

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In Kingdom Hearts