Goofy Goof is a funny cartoon character who is best friends with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He is a silly cartoon character and usually says "YAAAHHH-HA-HOOEEEE" when he falls from the sky or something.

Goofy Goof


Goofy is a tall black dog with two long black ears, a green hat on his head, two buck teeth, two white gloves on his hands, a red shirt, blue pants, and wears big brown shoes


Goofy is a crazy character when it comes to funny stuff, and he is usually embarassing like he is to his son Max Goof. Goofy is a kind, funny, and happy go lucky character when it comes to fun stuff. He is also very clever but can sometimes get upset in big situations.

In Kingdom HeartsEdit

Goofy appears in the Kingdom Hearts series along with Donald. The two are semi playable characters who fight alongside Sora in Kingdom Hearts, CoM, and II. Goofy specializes in weak distance physical attacks and defence. His weapon is a shield.