Mickey Mouse is a funny cartoon character who is the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He is a funny, kind, a bit short tempered, loyal, silly, and a clever mouse.


Mickey Mouse


Mickey is a short mouse with a big round head and two round black ears. He also has two white gloves which most disney characters wear and has two big yellow shoes. He has red pants with two white dots on it.


Mickey is usually shown to be a kind mouse and is very nice to his friends. However, sometimes when Mickey gets angry, he usually gets a little short tempered and mad. But despite that, he is a very clever and kind mouse. He is also very silly on some cartoons.

His DogEdit

Mickey has a pet dog named Pluto, who Mickey loves very much and loves to play with. Pluto has the same personality as his owner and likes to play. He is a loyal dog who does anything Mickey tells him to do.



In Kingdom HeartsEdit

Mickey plays a key role throughout the Kingdom Hearts Series. He has made an apperance as a non playable character in every game released thus far. He was Master Yen Sid's apprentice in Birth by Sleep. His weapon is a Keyblade, it bears a striking resemblance to Sora's Keyblade, Kingdom Key but is gold with a white hilt while Sora's is white with a gold hilt. It is known as Kingdom Key D.

He is an unlockable playable character in multiplayer mode in 358/2 Days.

He is known as "The King" throughout the series because he is the King of Disney Castle. Donald and Goofy serve as his royal knights and Minnie is Known as the Queen.