Microsoft Office Word 2003 is a computer software used for typing notes, adding sentences, and adding clip art.


Microsoft Word 2003 features.

Release dateEdit

This software was released on August 19, 2003, and is the successor to Office XP and the predeccesor to Microsoft Word 2007, the sequel to the 2003 Microsoft Word.

Menu barEdit

The menu bar shows all the options where you can save your article, edit an article, open a document, change the format, and many more.

Tool barEdit

The tool bar shows all the stuff you can use for your text, including clip art, changing the size of the text, changing the style of the text, and many more.

Scroll barEdit

The scroll bar allows you to move it down to another page if you already an out of space for the first page. This is useful for when you want to get to page to page. The only thing you can do with it is scroll up and down.


Microsoft Word 2003 also allows you to print your text from your computer to your printer. This can be used for presentations and reading.