SimCity 4 (SC4) is a city building game that was developed by Maxis Game Studios and released by Electronic Arts (EA).

SimCity 4

SimCity 4

Release dateEdit

The game was first released on January 14, 2003 and the fourth game in the SimCity series, which SimCity 3000 was it's predecessor and SimCity (2013) is it's successor, in the SimCity game series. This is also the first SimCity game to user 3D animation and textures, the second being SimCity (2013).


SimCity 4 Region

A region at the beginning of the game.

Players have regions where they can build there own cities in that area. There are different parts on the region where players can choose where they want to build their city. After they have chosen their location, players can change the landscape and add trees and erosion. After players are happy with their landscape, they are no longer able to use the God Terraforming Tools. There are three modes in the game, God Mode, Mayor Mode, and MySim Mode. God mode is at the very beginning of buidling your city, where players can add trees and add hills and mountains. Mayor Mode is where most of the game takes place, where players can build cities and are in charge of money. The final mode is MySim Mode, where players can add their own sims and people to the city. Once players are done with God Mode at the beginning of the game, players are now able to go to the fun part, building cities. At mayor mode, players are in charge of their city and is the mayor of their city. Players also need to keep an eye on the cities income or expenses, if they go backrupt a lot, they will have to resign as mayor.