Space Shuttle Challenger was NASA's second space rated Space Shuttle.



Challenger first flew on STS-6, which deployed 2 satelites. She flew the least ammount of missions at ten, but did great things within those ten. She carried the first MMU, and deployed special commercial satelites. Challenger, tragically was lost on January 28, 1986 in the worst space disaster ever. Her right SRB exploded into the ET burning it up, and causing the detonation, killing all 7 onboard, including a schoolteacher. She was a test vehicle, but transformed to a space vehicle in a few short years.


  • Challenger was the only shuttle to have her vertical stabilizer painted black on the tip.
    • Columbia had this, but for only 7 missions. She had her SILTS pod later installed. The pod was black, and had black tiles beneath it.
  • Had she not blown up, both Discovery, and Columbia would have ben sent to Vandenburg Air Force Base, while she, and Atlantis stayed behind at KSC.