Space Shuttle Columbia was NASA's first space rated shuttle.



Columbia first flew on the first shuttle mission, STS-1. It was the first time the shuttle flew, and was considered a test flight. She flew the first Spacelab, and the last Spacelab in her cargo bay. She launched the Gamma Ray Observatory, a crowning achievement for her. Tragically, she was lost due to ET foam hitting her wing, and causing her to break up on re-entry, killing all 7 crew members. She ranked #3 for flying, and flew 28 missions.


  • She is the most reconizable shuttle with her "chines" on her wings, and her SILTS pod.
  • She could fly the longest, thanks to her tanks of hydrogen, and oxygen.
  • She was the heaviest orbiter, and could never dock with ISS, nor MIR.
  • Her right wing bore USA until 1998, unlike all other shuttles.